A few guidelines...

We follow a number of rules as set out by Mind, which we discuss in each group.

1. This group exists for the mutual support and encouragement of people affected by depression and their carers. It is open to all people affected by depression regardless of race, gender, creed, sexual orientation, disability, age or any other indicators of difference. It also caters for illnesses related to depression, distress and bereavement. 

2. Complete confidentiality will be maintained between group members. Nothing personal said within the group will be repeated outside of it.


3. The personal dignity of members will be upheld at all times and no-one will be subjected to personal criticism, foul or improper language or improper approaches, whether physical, sexual or spiritual. Members will behave towards one another in a non-judgmental manner.


4. Members are free to keep personal details (name, phone number and address) given to them by other members. Any such information given to the Group Facilitator will be treated as confidential and only released by permission of the member concerned.


5. Religious, cultural and other beliefs will be respected at all times.


6. No individual will be permitted to dominate the group. People will be encouraged to share their experiences and support each other both for their own good and for the good of the group.


7. Any complaint should be taken to the Group Facilitator in the first instance. If the complaint is not resolved, or if the complaint is about the Group Facilitator, it should be referred to the Communities Officer at Mind.


8. The Group Facilitator cannot be held responsible for the content of visiting speakers' presentations, talks or activities. 


9. Members who show up under the influence of illicit drugs or alcohol will not be permitted to participate in the group and asked to leave.


10. Each group member takes responsibility for her or his opinions and actions. Whatever is said at a group meeting does not constitute advice or medical opinion, and no-one in Mind or in the group can be held responsible for the consequences of any action taken by any group member as a result of attending a group meeting.


11. Individual members have the right (but not the obligation) to be involved in decisions about the group and its activities.


12. Any comments or advice between members is not the responsibility of Mind or the Group Facilitator.


13. Medical advice, where required, should always be sought from the appropriate qualified medical professional.


14. Anyone who is unable to meet the ground rules may be requested to leave the group.