If you are in crisis, we urge you to contact your GP, NHS Direct or the Samaritans for professional health support... In the meantime, we offer you 5 tips for healthy minds:


1. Connect with people around you; family, friends, colleagues, neighbours can all help. These are the cornerstones of your life. Keep in touch, make a call, write a letter, send a text.

2. Be active Nature is good for us, run, walk, cycle, play a game. Include other people, check out local activities via your library. Eating well is also important, whilst exercising can give you a boost that you need.

3. Take notice of the ordinary and the beautiful. Notice the seasons changing. Savour moments when walking to work, eating lunch or talking with friends. Take time to breathe and unwind – yoga, meditation, music, reading give you time to yourself.

4. Keep learning Try something new, or rediscover an old interest. Sign up for a course, learn an instrument, experiment with cooking, get creative. Set yourself an enjoyable challenge.

5. Give Doing good for strangers or a friend connects us to people around us. Say thank you, smile, look outwards as well as inwards. Volunteer and get involved.